Purchase your ‘Map of the Battlefields of Verdun’

BIRD BATTLEFIELD TOURS have recently acquired a vintage battlefield map of VERDUN published c. 1935 in Verdun itself. Strangely the map has never been bettered. We have had the colour map restored and printed in facsimile by Blissett’s of Acton, bookbinders to HM The Queen. We are happy to sell facsimiles at cost, when we have assembled 20 orders. The price is £30 plus p&p. The map is printed on 120gsm paper to ensure it folds neatly. To reserve your copy please email: nick@nickybirddesign.com

Carte des Champs de Batailles de Verdun
A visitor’s guide and map of the battlefield of Verdun, with landmarks, villages, monuments and cemeteries identified and noted. [Map of the Battlefields of Verdun, Karter der Schlachtfelder von Verdun. Dressée par Maurice Thiebaut, cartographe. Imp. A. Humblot & Cie, Fremont & Fils, Editeurs, 1 et 3, Rue Saint-Paul, Verdun. c. 1935. 53 x 80 cm].