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BIRD BATTLEFIELD TOURS have a number of tours to France and Belgium, exploring the Western Front, in 2022. These are mostly tours restricted to a single family group, at their request. We can always arrange tours for families wishing to see sites associated with their family history. Often they would rather enjoy these commemorative tours without the distraction of having to be polite to strangers. We do not list these tours.


An art and war tour. ANTWERP was the home of the greatest Flemish Baroque master, Rubens, a genius of the Counter Reformation – a painter, businessman and diplomat. Rubens’ glories are still to be found in the churches they were painted for. Among the sites we will see are: Rubens’ house (today one of the […]

Battle of the Bulge and Arnhem

A family tour to retrace the steps of a gunner in the battles of 1944. To include the main sites of both Arnhem and the Bulge. The Bulge is an enormous battlefield. It was Hitler’s audacious (or mad) plan to risk everything on one last gamble to split the Western Allies by racing for Antwerp. […]

Normandy and Falaise

Via Eurostar, London/Caen (change in Paris). Visiting sites that are often missed, and some new monuments like the impressive BRITISH NORMANDY MEMORIAL at Ver-sur-Mer, dedicated to soldiers who died under British command during the Normandy landings. It records the names of 22,442 people from more than 30 countries, killed in Normandy from 6 June to […]