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Fairford Airshow

13th-16th July, 2018. We spend three days at this great air show, showcasing vintage WW2 planes and the world’s latest aircraft. [Above – Gloster Meteor F8]

American Battles of the North-East US

18th July – 1st August 2018. Visits include – Fort Ticonderoga, Yorktown, Saratoga, Lake Champlain as well as the sites of Civil War battles like Gettysburg. We also visit Nantucket Island, with its incomparable whaling history, and architecture.

Bruges / Waterloo

10th-13th September, 2018. An art and war tour, beginning with Bruges, a beautiful Medieval city with picturesque canals and magnificent Flemish masterpieces. Thence to the battlefield where Napoleon met his nemesis, Wellington. A unique battle where in one day, an army, an Emperor and a system of government were destroyed.

WW1 Poets

1st-4th October, 2018. See places and battlefields where the great WW1 poets – SASSOON (pictured), GRAVES, BLUNDEN, ROSENBERG and OWEN fought, and where some were killed, like Owen at Ors.