D-Day Beaches

18th-21st June, 2018. Staying at Arromanches where the remains of Mulberry are visible, we visit UTAH, OMAHA, GOLD, JUNO and SWORD beaches, POINTE DU HOC, PEGASUS BRIDGE, MERVILLE BATTERY and other iconic sites of the Longest Day, June 6, 1944. On the beaches and inland, some German units, especially the SS, fought ferociously, making the […]

Dieppe and the Battle of Normandy

5th-8th November, 2018.┬áStarting with a short tour of the disastrous 1942 DIEPPE RAID, of terrible memory to Canada, we go on to look at the 1944 closing of the Falaise Gap and the battles south of Caen in Normandy, including the spot where tank ace Michael Wittmann (above) was killed, and where Rommel was shot […]