WW1 Football Memorial Tour

14-17 August, 2017. There were over 5000 men playing professional football in 1914. Of those, about 2000 joined up, many being killed in the Salient and on the Somme. On 26 Nov 1914, every member of the Hearts team joined the army (McCrae’s Battalion). At the Battle of Loos (1915) the battalion was practically destroyed. […]

Dunkirk / Cassel / Ypres

Sept 4-7, 2017. 3-night tour to include Dunkirk Evacuation beaches, Cassel – where an heroic rear-guard action was fought in 1940 – and Ypres, of awful WW1 memory. I night Cassel, two nights Ypres, as always staying in family hotels.

WW1 Poets

March 5-8, 2018. See places and battlefields where the great WW1 poets fought, and where some were killed, like Owen at Ors.