Dunkirk Tour

A film is being released shortly about Dunkirk, and locals tell me the producers were fastidious about getting details right. We went to see the evacuation beaches for ourselves, and the best way to do it is by light aeroplane (kindly organised by the Dunkirk Tourist Board). It is the only way to get a sense of distance, of the scale of the thing. Unfortanately it was high tide so we couldn’t see the wrecks of the MTB, paddle steamers etc; but the moles are in the same position (if different) and the dunes look the same, as does the famous Fort des Dunes. Afterwards we stayed at Cassel and studied the 1940 battle there, where the Ox & Bucks and Glosters fought such a gallant rearguard action, sacrificing themselves in the process. You shouldn’t miss the nearby and fascinating V1 site outside Hazebrouck. Almost wholly intact despite almost nightly bomber raids pre and post D-Day. The photo shows Nicky Bird on the right with his maps about to board the plane; and a bald bloke grinning inanely. Don’t remember him, don’t think he was the pilot. At least I hope not as he is clearly off his trolly.