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‘That Shit Shute’

Just back from where the Royal Naval Division performed heroics – at the end of […]

Postcards from the Front

I bought a WW1 postcard the other day that had been mailed in Albert on the […]

Just back from VERDUN

Just back from VERDUN where we guided a group of 9 around the forts, woods, […]

Purchase your ‘Map of the Battlefields of Verdun’

BIRD BATTLEFIELD TOURS have recently acquired a vintage battlefield map of VERDUN published c. 1935 in […]

Leander Tour of the Western Front

Leander Club members (with Nicky Bird, second from right) on the Cross of Sacrifice at […]

Just back from ARNHEM

Just back from a group tour of ARNHEM. I make no apologies for reproducing the […]


Just returned from a tour of Ypres and the Somme. Driving through the Lille Gate […]

Dickinson tour of YPRES / SOMME

We have just returned from a tour of YPRES / SOMME (with Mark and Martin […]