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Normandy and the D-DAY beaches

Completed. 7th-10th May, 2019. 4-day tour of the main sites of JUNE 6, 1944 – starting from Cherbourg (arriving via Fast Craft from Portsmouth) and motoring down the Cotentin Peninsula via the St Marcouf Battery, Sainte-Mère-Église, Utah Beach and thence to our hotel at Arromanches, famous for its Mulberry Harbour (still visible). Then (Day 2) to […]

Bruges / Waterloo

Completed. 10th-13th June, 2019. A three-night tour of the beautiful city of Bruges with its picturesque canals and architecture, fabulous paintings by Van Eyck and Memling and other great Flemish Old Masters; followed by two days exploring the Battle of Waterloo, visiting the main sites such as La Haie Sainte and the pivotal Hougoumont; and also places […]

Dieppe and the Battle of Normandy

5th-8th November, 2018. Starting with a short tour of the disastrous 1942 DIEPPE RAID, of terrible memory to Canada, we go on to look at the 1944 closing of the Falaise Gap and the battles south of Caen in Normandy, including the spot where tank ace Michael Wittmann (above) was killed, and where Rommel was shot […]