‘…You should go to the past, looking not for messages or warnings, but simply to be humbled by the weight of human experience that has preceded the brief flicker of your own few days…’

Another World
Pat Barker, 1998

Welcome to BIRD BATTLEFIELD TOURS - specialists in friendly tours for small groups. See details of authoritative tours to European and other battlefields.

We visit many of the major European sites, including Waterloo, Normandy and Falaise, the D-Day Beaches [▲], Vimy, and the Somme and Ypres battlefields. We have also been to Istanbul and Gallipoli – and Caporetto and the Italian WW1 Front. A mini-bus is the preferred method of transport, as it ensures access to difficult terrain and allows for a more intimate atmosphere. The tours are always informal, with no risk of being lectured to death, or suffering a slide show after dinner. In fact, lunches and dinners are an essential part of our visits to battlefields and cemeteries, as they can be stimulating occasions where historical views are taken and exchanged.

You will find that your fellow enthusiasts will vary from the expert or knowledgeable to first-time battlefield tourists wanting to share and learn something of their ancestors’ experience. Men and women, young and old join our tours. You can be assured of like-minded company. You do not need to bring background reading, as we provide a small library of relevant books and maps for you to consult during the tour and in the evening. We do however suggest some pre-tour reading for those unfamiliar with historical background. These will always be readable accounts by renowned historians. Because numbers are restricted early booking is advisable.

Faces of the Great War

Our printed itineraries offer not only details of what you will see and do (and when) but also much useful anecdotal and historical information. You can access a selection of our brochures, and relevant photos and maps, by going to the Tours page and clicking on any of the following:

Waterloo/Mons/Le Cateau/Wilfred Owen’s death and grave | The Western Front: Ypres - Vimy - Somme | Falaise Gap | D-Day Beaches | Verdun | Venice | Champagne: Wine & War Tour

Just go to the BOOKING page of this site.


Bird Battlefield Tours are happy to escort private parties of families and friends to the battlefields and sites of their choice. Simply let us know what you wish to see and how long you have and we will make all the arrangements, after our quote has been accepted.


Antony and Nicholas Bird also publish PLAYING CARDS with museums wordwide. The following packs - all with illustrations on every card - might interest readers of this site and are available at the discounted price of £5 per pack (post free in the UK, £1 elsewhere) - D-DAY (with IWM), BATTLESHIPS (with NMM & IWM), CHURCHILL (IWM), WARPLANES, 1914-18 (In Flanders Fields Museum, Ypres), WORLD WAR II, De GAULLE (Fondation Charles de Gaulle), AMERICAN CIVIL WAR.

Antony and Nicholas Bird have edited an anthology of ‘the finest writing about war by those who were there’ - EYEWITNESS TO WAR (Summersdale, Chichester, 2006) - which has a Foreword by Major General Patrick Cordingley DSO. It makes the perfect gift book. It is available at Waterstones and other good bookshops or (discounted) through Amazon online, or Brown Books online.

Antony Bird has written the definitive book on the Battle of LE CATEAU [26 Aug. 1914], which has been published [2008] by CROWOOD PRESS [www.crowoodpress.co.uk] at £20.  The book is entitled GENTLEMEN, WE WILL STAND AND FIGHT: LE CATEAU 1914.

‘Brings together the best of the best.’

‘Each piece is introduced by a penetrating and original analysis of the story behind the words…stirring…moving…’
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