Historic Tours

We visit many of the major European sites, including YPRES, SOMME, LOOS, VIMY, D-DAY BEACHES, NORMANDY, FALAISE and WATERLOO. We also go to GALLIPOLI and CAPORETTO (now in Slovenia). 

Wine & War

The wine tour to CHAMPAGNE pays particular attention to the story of each marque in the wars, and their deserved reputation for resistance to excessive German demands on both their vintages and estate workers.

Art & Poetry

We have art tours to BRUGES, VENICE, ROME (with MONTE CASSINO) and VICENZA (for Palladian villas), and a GREAT WAR POETS TOUR which visits sites where poets like Owen and Sassoon fought.  


Our printed and ILLUSTRATED ITINERARIES offer not only details of what you will see and do (and when) but also much useful anecdotal and historical information. 

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Forthcoming Tours

Tour Name
Tour Dates
D-Day & Normandy
May 9-12
+ information
Ypres, Somme
May 30 – June 2
+ information
Verdun 1916
July 11-14
+ information
WW1 Football Memorial Tour
August 14-17
+ information